Eco-volunteering in Brazil

Eco-volunteering in Brazil

More than one country in South America, Brazil is a continent on the continent: more than 8 500 000 km², 286 times Belgium, near 16 times France!
From the infinite Amazon to the colossal falls of Iguaçu, from the quadrilateral of the drought in the Sertão to the marshy territory of the Pantanal, in Brazil, nature reaches the extremes of excess.
Covered in part by the Amazon, the world's largest forest basin, Brazil is one of the seventeen richest countries in the world for its biodiversity. Brazil's vast territory includes various ecosystems, such as the Amazon rainforest, known as the world's largest rainforest, and the largest reservoir of biodiversity in the world. In addition to the Amazon rainforest, Brazil also has other important ecosystems, such as the Atlantic Forest, the Cerrado Savannah and the Caatinga Forest. Two of these forests cover an area at least equal to, or even greater than, that of France.
The rich fauna of Brazil reflects the variety of natural habitats: Scientists estimate that the total number of plant and animal species in Brazil is about four million.


Study and Conservation of Otter long tail, Brazil

The project's main objective is to study and protect otters in Brazil. This eco-volunteering mission offers you the opportunity to study wild long-tailed otters in their ...

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