Testimony of Lucile Brunet for the expeditions mission in the Pelagos sanctuary: study of Cetaceans and Biodiversity, France

7 days of mission in September 2020

My participation

We had to make observations from 1:30 to 2:2 approximately twice a day, according to an established schedule.

My expectations

This trip was amazing. Even though the weather wasn't right, we saw a sperm whale jumping show on the last day at sea, it was worth the wait!
In addition, the team was great, we got along very well.

My advice

Don't forget to bring your fins and your mask / snorkel! And QUIET SEA in case of seasickness!

What I retain

Magical moments with cetaceans, very beautiful encounters with passionate and real people.

My assets

Raise awareness about marine wildlife, put into practice the advice following the very interesting discussions we had with the team (learn English to carry out eco-volunteering missions abroad, take swimming lessons , watch more documentaries on the sea, etc.).


You can contact me at the following address if you have questions: This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Cetaceans mission Pelagos, France

Pelagos Cetacean, France
These sailing expeditions aim to study the marine biodiversity of the open sea in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Pelagos sanctuary of marine mammals. The crew identifies and ...
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