Testimony of Chabot for the expeditions mission in the Pelagos sanctuary: study of Cetaceans and Biodiversity, France

Mission of 7 days done in August 2020

My participation

The objective of this mission is to list and identify cetaceans as well as their behavior, numbers, etc. (even if of course other marine animals such as rays or turtles for example were also the subject of surveys and observations). This mission is therefore a contribution to scientific databases, which once exploited make it possible to know a little better the marine species observed, while enjoying the great outdoors, great people and an experience at sea.
The days are organized in observation shifts with 3 people per shift (but nothing prevents others from observing too!). During my mission, we generally had 1 to 3 observation shifts per day of 1h30. The observation shifts immediately began quite far from the coast (generally around 8:30 am to 9 am) and ended around 17 pm, but depending on the conditions it is always possible to prolong the pleasure!

The "work" on board is also obviously made up of the various tasks of daily life. An organization in quarters also allows an optimal organization for all that is preparation of meals, dishes and cleaning.

My expectations

The stay met my best expectations. I came to spend a week of eco-volunteering to feel useful, see the landscape, nature (hoping to see lots of marine animals), take "the air" and share moments with other unknown people and I loved it!

Everyone has their own experience as a crew, but I came across a crew of people who came alone: ​​we therefore built a strong bond between all of us very quickly. Life on board in this rather small space that we did not leave the week was very pleasant, but also enriching (knowledge of cetaceans, sharks, the sea, ..).

And of course, in the end, I hoped to see lots of animals and I was served! (sperm whale, dolphins, risso dolphins, globis, turtles, sea devils ...)

My advice

I would say that, even if observing the marine animals is the objective of the mission and brings an enormous more wonder, one should not be afraid of not seeing anything (or little) to see of the week because the experience in itself constitutes most of the experience and unforgettable moments.

What I retain

First, she brought me the breath of fresh air, sharing and discovery that I wanted and needed at that time.
It also brought me new knowledge and new encounters.

My assets

I think that this experience was able to strengthen several aspects that can be transposed to my daily life. There is a large dimension of group life (organization, trust, sense of service and sharing) on ​​board for example.
Obviously, this also gives a lived experience allowing me to personally support my awareness of the preservation of ecosystems.
Personally, I also draw on the memories of this type of experience (fullness, difficulties overcome and satisfactions, meetings and sharing, positive energy deployed throughout the day ...)
when I need dynamism, a boost, or to help me make choices in what I do and want to do.


You can contact me at the following address if you have questions: This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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