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Testimony of JSOUBI for the mission Expeditions in the sanctuary Pelagos: study of Cetaceans and Biodiversity, France

Mission of 7 days done in June 2019

My participation

The mission consisted in the observation and daily counting of our environment in the Mediterranean: mammals (dolphins, whales, sperm whales ..) fish, turtles, jellyfish, birds, waste ... by teams of 3 on quarter periods of 2 hours. Telemetry binoculars and a cellular iPad for live collection of observations. While one part of the team observes, the other has various occupations (preparation meal, dishes, rest, reading, navigation ...)

My expectations

A great experience, every day animals to see, photograph ...
Thanks to our great ecoguide (Colin), we learned a lot about marine life in the Mediterranean, and with our skipper on sailing sailing.
A great atmosphere in the team during 1 week

My advice

Think to take anti-seasicky medoc just in case, effective sunglasses, hat, caps, snorkel masks, frontal, portable cigarette lighter charger. Polar and 1 rainwear

What I retain

See and get to know the marine mammals of the Mediterranean and other animals
Learn navigation skills and maneuvers on sailboat

My assets



You can contact me at the following address if you have questions: This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Cetaceans mission Pelagos, France

Pelagos Cetacean, France
These sailing expeditions aim to study the marine biodiversity of the open sea in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Pelagos marine mammal sanctuary. The crew records and ...
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