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Testimony of yann for the mission Expeditions in the sanctuary Pelagos: study of Cetaceans and Biodiversity, France

Mission of 7 days done in August 2019

My participation

Admittedly, we get up early (before 7h, nevertheless the day is not intense: It is necessary to count 2 with 4h of observation of the animals and 1 h approximately of domestic tasks.

My expectations

Perfectly. Beyond the feeling of being useful by participating in the knowledge and in fine to the preservation of the Mediterranean marine fauna, the meetings with the animals and the bathes far from the coasts are a must!

What I retain

Fun at the moment of the mission, the satisfaction today of having a little bit contributed to the preservation of the Mediterranean marine fauna

My assets

A better ability to concentrate for hours without being preoccupied by his laptop (yes, far from the coast ... no network!).

The Cetaceans mission Pelagos, France

Pelagos Cetacean, France
These sailing expeditions aim to study the marine biodiversity of the open sea in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Pelagos marine mammal sanctuary. The crew records and ...
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