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Testimony of Mary for the mission Expeditions in the sanctuary Pelagos: study of Cetaceans and Biodiversity, France

Mission of 7 days performed in July 2019

My participation

What is expected of ecovolunteers is to perform the observation protocol every day (the protocol lasts 2h and is repeated several times a day). We observe the horizon at 3 at the front of the boat and we rotate with the other members by "quarters" and all day. The desire to see animals makes us quickly addicted to observations and finally we can not help but to scan the horizon even if it is not our quarter :) We participated of course in daily tasks such as cleaning and cooking.These moments are actually very friendly.The schedule of the week is organized by the eco -guide which is searchable from the beginning of the stay.Everyone knows what he has to do and it creates a good group dynamics.

My expectations

This stay was above my expectations. I imagined the very mechanical side of observations and everyday life on the boat. Finally, even if the protocols require rigor, they give way to feelings of fullness facing the horizon. I was taken by all the wonderful sensations that comes from meeting marine animals (whales, sperm whales, dolphins, rays, moonfish ...). There are also very strong links with each member of the group. Help, listen, share, laugh. A group cohesion that is warm to the heart! This stay will mark me for life that's for sure.

My advice

Do not hesitate to get started!

What I retain

This mission has given me wings for the continuation of my studies that lead me to the protection of marine ecosystems. The eco-guide and the skipper gave us a lot of knowledge. This trip also brought me a lot humanly.

My assets

It made me very aware of the amount of waste present in the oceans. At each beach where I go now I know that I always pick up all the garbage I see. Otherwise the knowledge I have acquired about the species serves me a lot for my studies.

The Cetaceans mission Pelagos, France

Pelagos Cetacean, France
These sailing expeditions aim to study the marine biodiversity of the open sea in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Pelagos marine mammal sanctuary. The crew records and ...
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