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Ecovolunteer in Honduras

Ecovolunteer in Honduras

Honduras has natural and cultural riches that are worth discovering. The archipelago of Bahia borders the 2eme largest barrier reef in the world, after Australia. This archipelago is home to an exceptional biodiversity, both terrestrial and marine. It is today one of the most popular scuba diving sports in the world.

In Honduras, many parks and nature reserves in the mountains, in the forest, at the edge of the sea of ​​rivers, are ideal for many outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and horseback riding, white water rafting, water sports. canoeing and zip lines ...
But Honduras can not be reduced to beautiful landscapes: witness the rich Mayan past (with the grandiose heritage of the Ruins of Copán) and the colonial heritage, but also the traditions of the ten ethnic groups present throughout the country (the Lencas, Garifunas, Miskitos ...).


Conservation of Utila Black Iguana in Honduras

This project is dedicated mainly to the Utila Black Iguana, endemic to this small island in Honduras. This iguana is in critical danger of extinction because of hunting and hunting.

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