Eco-volunteering in Indonesia

Eco-volunteering in Indonesia

The Indonesian republic, which stretches on nearly 5 000 km, forms the largest archipelago in the world. It officially regroups 17 000 islands, including 8 000 inhabited. Most of the islands are mountainous. Volcanos, sometimes devastating eruptions, have shaped their geology. The tropical forest, which covers nearly two thirds of the territory, is the second in the world after that of Brazil.
Indonesia has the world's largest forest reserves (10% of the world's rainforest), but these disappear at the rate of one million hectares per year, causing considerable erosion.
Equipped with one of the richest environments, the country is home to a considerable diversity of plant and animal species.

Its western part (Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan and Bali) is home to large Asian animals such as the elephant, tiger, rhinoceros, leopard and the famous orangutan (Indonesian forest man). Among the flora, the most spectacular species is the rafflà © sie, the largest flower in the world, which reaches up to a meter in diameter.
Papua includes arboreal kangaroos, wombatids, and fluted-tailed opossums.
The islands of Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara (small Sunda islands) and the Moluccas have given rise to an island fauna and flora: anoa, or dwarf buffalo, which seems to result from a cross between a deer and a cow; The bicorn hornbill, one of the most spectacular birds in Indonesia, considered sacred; The Komodo lizard, the world's largest carnivorous saurian reptile. The flora includes ebony, teak and sandalwood.

Sumatra also boasts some very beautiful national parks, the most accessible and interesting of which is the Gunung Leuser, which covers 10 000 km². The main national park in Java is Ujung Kulon; Which is difficult to access, on the south-western tip of the island, it nevertheless offers beautiful coastal landscapes, lush forests, coral reefs and a population of rhinoceros and Java leopards, extinction.

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