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Eco-volunteering in Mongolia

Eco-volunteering in Mongolia

Mongolia, at the eastern end of the steppes of Central Asia, far from any sea, is a setting of steppes and forests, remote mountains and arid plains. One travels there for whole days without crossing a living soul.
Walking through the immense distances of this high plateau, you can see antelopes, wolves, free horses, yaks, camels, hundreds of lakes, isolated villages, warm yurt camps, the Siberian taiga And the Gobi Desert.
Half of the territory is covered with grasslands. Some areas of central Mongolia are known for their wildflowers, such as edelweiss or rhododendron. The north is the area of ​​the Siberian forest. In the Gobi Desert, the saxaul, a shrub of Central Asia, is essential to fight erosion and soil depletion, two problems facing this region. The sand dunes, however, correspond only to 3% of the surface of this desert, universe of stones and brush.
The steppes are traversed by wildlife, sometimes wild, sometimes domesticated, which includes yaks, marmots, gazelles and takhi horses, which are particularly protected in the Khustain Nurru nature reserve. The Gobi Desert is home to some endangered species, such as the Black-tailed Antelope, Wild Camel, and Snow Leopard. The Black Vulture and the Houbara Bustard are among the 200 species of birds that shelter this area.


reintroduction program of Przewalski horses, ...

This mission is interested in Przewalski horses reintroduction program in Mongolia a national park. You will participate in scientific monitoring of reintroduced populations of horses ...

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