Eco-volunteering in Nicaragua

Eco-volunteering in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a country of great wealth. Affirming his revolution with frescoes vibrating symbols, he lives at the foot of a cohort of volcanoes and cherishes the ruins of cities ravaged by earthquakes. Few expect it, but many leave with the feeling of having met the most endearing Central American countries.

To the west of Nicaragua, the crushed plains of the sun are dotted with about twenty cones, partly active, lighthouses of the nation.

Water is everywhere, in countless lakes and lagoons. It flows in wide rivers towards the eastern coast, drowned in the rainforest and swamps.

Nicaragua has more 1400 listed animal species and 17000 species of plants.


Conservation of marine turtles in Nicaragua

This mission is taking place on an island on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, in one of the largest nesting sites for marine turtles in the eastern Pacific. You will contribute to the patrols ...

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