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Cedric Evidence mission Conservation of marine turtles in Nicaragua

7 days of mission in April 2017

My participation

The work was very diverse. Having arrived very early in the season opener, had to return the site to order so that the house is ready to accommodate future volunteers.
Schedules depended above all, time. For the physical work, it could tackle 6h and resume 17h. The rest was odd jobs.
You could also work at night, either to retrieve the eggs while on patrol, and in turn make the rounds of nights to monitor the incubator.

My expectations

I had a great stay. It was the beginning of the season and it was not sure he could find turtles, and yet ... We went to the estuary where we could find 2, a ringed and the other not. I was able to take steps remove any shells glued to the shell.
We built the 1ere incubator of the season and have patrolled the same evening. We discovered a turtle ready to lay eggs. it was an incredible moment to recover while she was laying eggs. In addition, the timing was perfect, since we have ahead of 2min, the "potcheurs" who were looking for eggs to sell at the market. So are 96 eggs that were saved !! It is a beautiful emotion.

My advice

The hardest on climate conditions. I was not in the rainy season but 38 degrees every day with a peak 41 °, knocking him out. And mosquitoes, even with the product, I suffered countless stings. Even if it is very hot, equip you to handle tee-shirt and pants.
Be very very careful on the water !! It is not abundant, and believe me you'll learn how to save.
For internet, forget, and then is so well without phone. By cons, if you have music, please !!!
For the language barrier, it is still necessary to know a little Spanish. Everyone does not speak English.

What I retain

Apart from helping the project to preserve turtles, I could appreciate the present moment, it's a nice breath of fresh air.
And then I met wonderful people with whom we have worked, of course, but also laughed, shared, etc ...

My assets

Make water savings !! One evening, the tank was empty and the pump supplying the water from the well was not working. So we went to wash bucket shot at the well. It was not easy, but the experience we shared will remain unforgettable.
And pay attention to our waste. If you have stores that sell in bulk at home, do not hesitate, it will save the packaging surplus.


You can contact me at the following address if you have questions: This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The mission Turtles, Nicaragua

sea ​​turtles, Nicaragua
This mission is taking place on an island on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, in one of the largest nesting sites for marine turtles in the eastern Pacific. You will contribute to the patrols ...
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