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Testimonial of sosovoyage for the mission Conservation of sea turtles in Nicaragua

Mission of 8 days done in May 2017

My participation

Having remained only a week, it was above all observation and learning. We have assisted in a general way and participated in the daily life on the site. We also participated in the construction of the "vivero" where turtle eggs are kept. We did beach cleaning, night patrols to eventually collect turtle eggs.

My expectations

Enjoyed my stay and the meeting with the people of the communities. Very nice human experience and good supervision by the persons responsible for the project on site.
My stay partially met my expectations in the sense or unfortunately we could not witness the birth of the baby turtles (too early, but we did not know it).

My advice

I highly recommend staying at least 15 days and most importantly to learn about the best time. I think that from the beginning of June you will have more chances to witness the birth of the turtles.

What I retain

A good learning about the turtles thanks to the biologist present on the site and to the person in charge of the project. The discovery of a new country and a new environment. Also an opportunity to disconnect.

My assets

Hard to say. But I get better knowledge of turtles and a better sensitivity to the environment.


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The mission Turtles, Nicaragua

sea ​​turtles, Nicaragua
This mission is taking place on an island on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, in one of the largest nesting sites for marine turtles in the eastern Pacific. You will contribute to the patrols ...
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