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Testimony of Camille for the mission Conservation of marine turtles in Nicaragua

Mission of 30 days done in June 2017

My participation

The job is to patrol the night beaches, to spot the turtles that lay or (most of the time) the new nests and to retrieve the eggs to bury them in a protected place (the Vivero). Schedules depend on tides and sunrise / sunset but usually run around 18h to 6h in the morning the next day (in two shifts). When a team does not patrol, she sleeps near the Vivero in hammocks. If you are lucky enough to come across a turtle, you have to measure it and mark it if you have not already done so.
Besides this, we also participate in the protection of the mangrove by collecting seeds and making them sprout in a planter before replanting. School groups come from time to time in the Casa Carey and this work is often done with them. During group visits, turtle capture sessions in the estuary for tagging also take place.

My expectations

I loved my stay at Casa Carey, for the work of course but also for the great team I worked with. In addition to the project manager and local residents who patrol the whole year, there were 3 volunteers Nicaraguans, a couple of travelers who took care of the house and of course a super manager of the house who helped me to improve my spanish. The atmosphere was relaxed and I learned a lot during these four weeks. The start was very difficult!

My advice

Nicaraguans do not speak English at all, so you have to be able to get by with a minimum. I had worked on it a month before leaving and the patience of my colleagues there did the rest.
There are a lot (really a lot) of mosquitoes at the time I left. Take care of yourself all day and night. There are mosquito nets on the beds so no problem at this level.

What I retain

I was able to learn a lot about turtles, and the protection of saline ecosystems. I greatly improved my Spanish and met great people.

My assets

Spanish will probably be very useful to me all my life. I was able to develop my adaptation skills and my human relationships.


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The mission Turtles, Nicaragua

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