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Testimony of Ysa & Johanna for the Marine Turtle Conservation Mission in Nicaragua

Mission of 15 days done in August 2017

My participation

The work is mostly patrols at night on the beach to find turtles shooting or nests. In general, 2 teams take turns all night long. The teams are made up of a local and a volunteer. The goal then is to bring the eggs back to the "vivero" to protect them from predators. We did not encounter turtles during our patrols in late August early September, it was the end of the season for the turtles "carey" but we attended many births. Babies are measured, weighed, we take a piece of skin for analysis and finally we can release them to the sea.
During the day, we participated in a whole lot of activity: repainting the interior of the house, planting mangroves, making signs for the trail, looking for seashells, etc.
There is also plenty of free time to rest, go to the beach (either the estuary or the Pacific) or play "no te enojes"!
Everyone gets up when he wants .. with jet lag we get up early easily and we can enjoy all day.
On site there are several locals, volunteers from the country and we were 3 coming from Europe.

My expectations

We loved our stay. It was very exotic and the pace has me much more. Work, rest and a great atmosphere! We even had time to visit the country during 2 / 3 days.
The reception is great, we had a big crush for these people. Not really speaking Spanish, Manuel taught us a lot .. he has the patience of a teacher!
There are even cooks and we enjoyed ourselves. We eat "Gallo pinto" (rice and red bean) at every meal, corn cakes, chicken and the best soup in the world!

My advice

It's a great experience. Go there with eyes closed, you will love! We went to 2 it's easier I think because it is a distant and unknown country. Once there, I felt very good and safe.
The place where the mission takes place is a little at the end of the world. It's just magic.
The hard point is the mosquitoes and the wet heat: it feels sticky all day.
What is a pity is the lack of contact before departure to the mission ... so, do not hesitate to contact David, the manager. He speaks very good English.
And the cost of the transfer to the mission is amazing. By bus it does not even cost 10 euros.
Contact us by mail if you want more info, we will be happy to answer you!

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The mission Turtles, Nicaragua

sea ​​turtles, Nicaragua
This mission is taking place on an island on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, in one of the largest nesting sites for marine turtles in the eastern Pacific. You will contribute to the patrols ...
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