Testimony of Emilie for the Amazonian Forest mission: research, conservation, and sustainable development in the Manu Reserve in Peru

Mission of days performed in June 2016

My participation

As a volunteer it is associated with scientific and environmental studies and / or supervised by the Amazon Forest Project: research, conservation, and sustainable development in Peru. The studies are numerous: butterflies, birds, amphibians and reptiles, bats ... The schedule is programmed in advance, every day is different allowing for the chance to participate in everything. Days start with a breakfast 7H the morning before beginning work to 8H 12H30 up for lunch and a recovery in 14H 16 / 17H. Times vary depending on activities (sometimes one can start 4H30 the morning, but in this case we have the morning off). Sunday is free! For more info, I tell more about my blog http://emilie-3i7iw3.wix.com/1-an-pour-ma-planete#!juin-2016/acb0f

My expectations

I loved. I participated in many eco-volunteer projects but this one is my favorite. Beyond the fact that the country is beautiful and being in the Amazon jungle is magical, the work done on site is very interesting and diverse ... and you learn a lot. They put an emphasis on learning, they take the time to train us. They also take trainees for a longer time, and I can only recommend!

My advice

For those who plan to come for 2 weeks, know that it takes several days with the return trip from Cusco to the center as well as the acclimatization day in Cusco. In short, in the end it is “only” 10 days in the forest which is very little seen all that has to see and do. Prefer stays of more than a month. Even better, internships lasting several months! The living conditions on site are at the top for such a remote place. Do not hesitate to come with your favorite sweets, because it is a “rice” diet morning / noon / evening. On the other hand, we can not do anything against mosquitoes, spiders, and other beasts that bite. Be sure that you can live with it + with the humidity and heat in this region. The activities are physical, we walk a lot. Be ready ;)

What I retain

- Better knowledge of the Amazon rainforest and ecological issues that go avec.- Learning the local fauna: different species of birds, butterflies, frogs, snakes ...- And just the feeling of having acted for the good cause

My assets

The preservation of our environment at all levels. For those who have a scientific background / biological / ecological, this mission is for you!

The Amazonian Forest Mission, Manu, Peru

Amazonian Forest, Manu, Peru
It is in the Amazonian forest of Peru, in the Manu reserve, that you can participate in a complete program of conservation, scientific research, and development support ...
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