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Pierre's Testimony for the Amazonian Forest Mission: Research, Conservation, and Sustainable Development in the Manu Reserve in Peru

Mission of 33 days in October 2016

My participation

I participated in the various activities proposed for the mission.
Schedules were variable depending on the activity. Sometimes we get up very early in the morning, for example to observe and count the birds. Sometimes we end up late at night for nocturnal observation studies. But the sequence of days is well thought out.
Sunday is the day of rest, well deserved.

My expectations

I just loved it.
This was beyond my expectations.

My advice

2 weeks is enough if you want to change air but a bit short if you really want to invest.
4 weeks is good. More, it's even better.
Feel free to take some photo material with you.

Need additional advice? Do not hesitate to write to me.

What I retain

Many images and sounds will remain in memory.
I also met some really great people with whom I keep contact. Whether it is among the other volunteers that people from the staff.
I felt close to nature. This wealth impressed me. It makes you want to preserve it.
I can not wait to return to.

My assets

It is a very rewarding experience from both a scientific and a human point of view.
I felt useful for the conservation of biodiversity, even at my small level.


You can contact me at the following address if you have questions: This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Amazonian Forest Mission, Manu, Peru

Amazonian Forest, Manu, Peru
It is in the Amazonian forest of Peru, in the Manu reserve, that you can participate in a complete program of conservation, scientific research, and development support ...
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