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Floriane's testimonial for the mammalian and wildlife mission of the Amazonian forest in the Tambopata reserve in Peru

49 days of mission in March 2019

My participation

Our work was varied, mainly monitoring groups of spider monkeys in the jungle to study but also other projects according to the subjects of trainees present on the station. Thus, we went to look for specimens of amphibians or insects, to install nets with birds and bats. There is also a little maintenance in order to keep the paths and the garden in state, armed with a machete it is necessary to clean and thin to be able to move better.
Our days start mostly at 7h and end at 18h. Depending on the missions of the day, I had the opportunity to start the day at 4h30 to look for groups of monkeys, or to finish at 20h during the "Amphibian" excursions.

My expectations

I loved the stay, I was looking for a volunteering immersed in the jungle that brings me new knowledge and a great experience and that's exactly what I found. The cohesion of volunteers from around the world impressed me and I will keep a very good memory of my experience.

My advice

Do not expect a great comfort but there is the minimum and it is totally bearable! Immersion in the jungle of course includes the presence of animals in everyday life, young and old, and so do not forget its repellent, indispensable! Finally, expect to take full eyes and enjoy this human and environmental experience.

What I retain

I discovered that I could easily adapt to a very different environment from the one I'm used to, that the bare minimum of comfort is enough to enjoy the adventure and that community life in the long run I do not have a problem.

My assets

Adaptation to new situations, cohesion within a team, know how to appreciate the transmission of knowledge, the respect of cultures and the will to act for the planet.


You can contact me at the following address if you have questions: This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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