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Charlotte's Testimony for the Amazonian Forest Mission: Research, Conservation, and Sustainable Development in the Manu Reserve in Peru

Mission of 33 days performed in July 2018

My participation

At the beginning of each week, a big picture was posted describing the different missions of the week for each one. We had a mission in the morning (8h-12h) and one in the afternoon (14h-16h / 17h). We were divided into groups and the missions were very varied: setting up butterfly traps, research and observation of different monkey species, maintenance of the organic garden, observation of reptiles, etc ... From time to time, there was organized nocturnal walks with some of us. From 21h / 21h30 we left for the forest because it is the night we could observe more reptiles and insects (frogs, spiders, snakes, etc ...).
On Saturday nights there were organized evenings, Sunday was our break day and in the evening it was cinema!

But it was not only that, we often had the opportunity to visit villages around by boat, or to go swimming in the rivers or in the river.

Finally, a last EXCEPTIONAL part of my program: since I spoke a little Spanish, I was offered to go for a week in the village of Boca Manu to build the structure of an organic garden! ... and I said yes of course!
We were 4 women and in 4 days we had everything built! The little schoolgirls did not return and the most macho men in the village even less! We had a good laugh and it was rich experience!

My expectations

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay! I wanted to be disconnected from the world that we know, I wanted to find our origins, mother Earth, the real one. The first and last days were devoted to the visit of the city of Cuzco, which allowed to discover a new landscape and new ways of life. Then the arrival in the jungle ... I do not even talk about it so it was amazing to me!
I was leaving 2 years of preparatory class, I needed to clear my head and evacuate stress, for a month I had only one reason to take my head: "What disguise I will choose for the evening of Saturday night? " : p

Anyway, lying on a hammock with the forest as far as the eye can see, in a way it relaxes a lot!

My advice

Plan a lot of spare clothes because it is often wet and the clothes are hard to dry after being washed.
Plan warm clothes for the evening too, because with the humidity and when it has just been raining, it is quite cold.

And also a point that is close to my heart! Do not take lots of drugs before coming. Vaccines remain important but the drug for malaria often causes side effects far more serious than the disease itself!
Knowing one thing, the forest contains trees that bring natural remedies! When we arrived, we were presented with a tree that could heal the palu! YES it's magic!

What I retain

A totally different look on our world, that's what it brought me!

I learned the different methods to see the state of health of the forest, to see if it manages to regenerate itself after having been destroyed ... And yes life returns despite all the harm that one can have done to him, even if it does not come out unscathed today because of global warming!

My assets

Since my trip, many things have changed in my life, in my state of mind.

- I do not eat any more palm oil products, I boycott them!

- I want to do a job where I work outdoors. As I am in business school, the office is a fairly common passage but staying locked up is not for me!

- I no longer look after drugs that only worsen the state of our immune system. Plants, essential oils are much more effective remedies that are increasingly part of my daily life.

- Finally, today I pledge to protect this Earth which is our only home, our only mother to all. I wish to learn about Shamanism in order to be even closer to what we saw born and where we will return dust ...

I would come back to this country, I would go back to the forest for sure! But this time I want to be able to meet real indigenous people and learn their knowledge.
(I still have not started but photos and videos are coming!)


You can contact me at the following address if you have questions: This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Amazonian Forest Mission, Manu, Peru

Amazonian Forest, Manu, Peru
It is in the Amazonian forest of Peru, in the Manu reserve, that you can participate in a complete program of conservation, scientific research, and development support ...
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