Testimony of Yves for the Amazonian Forest mission: research, conservation, and sustainable development in the Manu Reserve in Peru

Mission of 42 days done in May 2019

My participation

Assistance with the rehabilitation of the "Biogardens" used by the poorest families of the "Salvacion" community.
Field survey, in Amazonian forest on fauna, flora, fungi (mushrooms). Enter data collected in the databases.
Outputs in drill 8H30-12H and 14H-17H, sometimes 5H-9H or also 19H-23H.

My expectations

Yes completely. After a few days adaptation and daily training spread over more than a week, (including security in the Amazonian forest), I was able to join the working groups that collect the information on the ground, to raise the memory cards of " camera-trap 'scattered in the forest
I saw monkeys before they woke up, insects of all kinds, plants, frogs, butterflies, snakes, tapirs, cheetah and cougar footprints ...

The environment is multicultural (Australia, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, ..), and multi-age (from 18 to 60ans and +, which gives a great richness to the exchanges that we have between ecovolunteers and with the staff , coordinators, and researchers who are studying 6 months in their field.

My advice

Yes, prepare your material as indicated in the list, learn a little Spanish language.
Keep an open mind and positive

What I retain

I understand what biodiversity means.
I know that the reconstruction of the rainforest is possible everywhere on earth.
It's a big positive message for the planet.

My assets

The knowledge of animals, plants, "fungi" and the balance they give for life on earth.
We have only one planet, we must preserve it, preserve it.


You can contact me at the following address if you have questions: This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Amazonian Forest Mission, Manu, Peru

Amazonian Forest, Manu, Peru
It is in the Amazonian forest of Peru, in the Manu reserve, that you can participate in a complete program of conservation, scientific research, and development support ...
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