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Testimony of Marie Alice for the Mission Mammals and Wildlife of the Amazonian Forest in the Tambopata Reserve in Peru

Mission of 28 days done in August 2019

My participation

Schedules vary according to activities (approximately 7h-18h; 20h for amphibian excursions).
Activities carried out during the stay:
Observations and data collection on spider monkeys in the jungle, and on different animals after reading cameras installed in specific areas of the reserve; surveys of biodiversity over a specific distance (transects); creation and maintenance of a parcel of land; plant phenology; measurements of height and weight then taken pictures of frogs in the field ...
The weekend off at the resort or town in Puerto Maldonado (small + for the Tambopata Hostel).

My expectations

The discovery of Amazonian biodiversity, a disconnect with everyday life. I appreciated contributing to the project, its usefulness, discovery and daily exploration, being in contact with passionate people.

My advice

Be prepared for an out-of-the-ordinary experience at one hour by boat from the city.
Provide a sufficient number of light and breathable clothing as permanent moisture.
No need for treatment for malaria that is not present in this area.
No worries about the quality of the food, prepared by the manager of the resort is excellent (small + for banana, avocado ... reserve), and can be adapted to vegetarians.
Be ready to live without a network or internet connection at the reserve.

What I retain

A first glimpse of the Amazon.
This mission brought me knowledge about the jungle, the biodiversity, its fragility and the conservation of the species.
Patience and observation, it is not always easy to see the animals within the reserve.
Small + about the use of a GPS.

My assets

Respect for cultures and the will to act for our biodiversity.
A disconnection from everyday life and the development of coping skills.
Learning Spanish and exchanges with volunteers, students, Peruvians or foreigners.

A big thank you to Raul, the manager of the station who gave me his knowledge.


You can contact me at the following address if you have questions: This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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