Eco-volunteering in Thailand

Eco-volunteering in Thailand

Approximately the same area as France (about 514 000 km2), the country extends along a north-south axis on 1 650 km. To the north, the terrain rises in high wooded mountains, while the South consists of a long crest of limestone hills covered with tropical forest. Thailand is one of the most fascinating coastlines in the world, with limestone formations overlooking the water and coral reefs of the Gulf of Thailand, and to the west by the Andaman Sea. An extraordinary beauty. Hundreds of tropical islands of all shapes and sizes punctuate the coast, from the flat sandbank disappearing under the mangroves to the imposing karst formations that dominate azure waters and white sand beaches.
Thailand is home to an incredibly varied fauna and flora. The country retains a fairly good environmental quality. One hundred and twelve national parks and 44 natural reserves cover about 13% of Thai territory. Among the protected areas, 18 parks include islands and mangroves. Parks and reserves are home to more 850 species of endemic and migratory birds as well as fewer tigers, spotted leopards, koupreys (wild oxen), elephants, tapirs, gibbons and Black bears from Asia, among others.


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