Celine's Testimony for the Conservation of Marine Turtles and Tropical Biodiversity Mission in Thailand

day mission in November 2012

My participation

Mainly two types of activities: 1. patrolling the beaches of the island at sunrise (between 6 and 10 km round trip) in search of possible turtle nests and 2. observation of a cove where the turtles come to feed or rest from a rocky promontory. Regular rotation between activities according to the number of volunteers and the preferences or physical constraints of each other. For the patrol activity, departure on foot at 5:30 am in the dark night, but the day breaks very quickly. After the walk, delicious breakfast on the beach (carried in a backpack) and possible rest / swimming before returning to the village for lunch. For the observation activity, departure at 8 am by bike, then session of approximately 2 hours of observation and data collection. In the afternoon, according to needs, activities in the village (DIY, renovation of the museum, reflection on tools for raising awareness of tourists, etc.) or observation from the rocky promontory. At the end of the afternoon, we often had a moment to read sitting in a hammock (the Turtle mission office is full of books on turtles and other species in the region), to discuss with the project manager to learn more. more about the project, life on the island, the ecology of the turtles, etc. Dinner was scheduled for 19 p.m. and we usually didn't stay up late to stay up because we were very tired from our day.

My expectations

I really enjoyed this stay and the people I met there. I was surprised at the somewhat "ghostly" aspect of the village (many uninhabited houses) and the absence of a school (the project brochure was not up to date on this point). The locals were very welcoming but it was difficult to communicate with them as they hardly speak English (and I don't speak Thai at all) ... but the gesture communication worked great! The person who cooks for the volunteers is a real cordon bleu, and very nice. Each meal was a real celebration! I found that the schedule was very well organized but I regretted that we were not given more explanations on the objectives of our work at the start. I went to look for the information myself (what is the use of the data collected during the observation sessions, for example) and felt much better once I had understood the meaning of what we were asked to do. to do.

My advice

My main advice is to ask lots of questions to the project manager and her assistants, and to read lots of books or other articles on turtle conservation, in order to better understand the challenges of the work required and the presence of the NGO. on the island. As there was no egg laying during my stay, our protection action was a little abstract and this information input was all the more important.

What I retain

I learned thousands of fascinating things about sea turtles, met great people and lived in an incredibly beautiful environment during these two weeks. This mission made me want to continue my commitment to biodiversity and to start again.

The mission Turtles, Thailand

sea ​​turtles, Thailand
This eco-volunteering mission is dedicated mainly to marine turtles in Thailand, as well as to the conservation of local biodiversity. You will participate in the program of ...
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