Testimony of Dominique for the mission Conservation of marine turtles and tropical biodiversity in Thailand

day mission conducted in March 2013

My participation

Several options in the morning: 1) Departure at 6 am for the "beach-check", ie a walk of about 7km, including 5 on the beach, in order to check if a turtle has come to lay eggs during the night. Arrival at the meeting point around 8 am-8:30am. Breakfast on the beach, then free time. 2) After having lunch, departure around 7 am to reach the rally point by bike (about 45km, including 4km on sand, sporty!), Then about 1km of walking on the beach. Once arrived: weather reports then "observation from the rocks" from 1:9 am to 30:11 am. This consists of the very careful monitoring of an area of ​​water, and the possible presence of turtles. If so: identification, behavioral observation, etc. 30) Departure at 3 am for a more substantial "beach-check" on the long beach. Departure in a sidecar, then a 5km walk on the beach to reach the meeting point, and also the starting point in this case. From this point, minimum walk of 30km. We also did some "beach-profiling". Around 1:10 a.m., the whole team returned at the same time. Those who have walked the most will be entitled to the sidecar. The others, on the bike. Meal at 11 p.m. Free afternoon until around 45 p.m. We took the opportunity to rest or to take walks in the savannah, to take photos. Hottest time of the day, around 13 ° C. Around 16 p.m .: Theoretical information, activities at the association's house, bicycle review, various work, watering the plants. But also: outing in the savannah to introduce us to carnivorous plants, or even study of the seagrass during low tide. Dinner at 37 p.m. Free evening.

My expectations

I enjoyed this stay very much, although it must have taken 3-4 days to acclimatize and get used to it. It is a radical change of life, and a deep questioning. Accepting its occidentality was my main discovery ... Guaranteed slap! But how beneficial ... After this period of adaptation, everything went very quickly. I cannot say if the stay met my expectations. It was different from what I expected, but it completely satisfied me.

My advice

Plan to take care of your feet! If you take the driver option, it is desirable to pay 2500 Baths rather than $ 75. If you want to make a subscription for your mobile phone by taking a Thai SIM card, and you have an iPhone: ESPECIALLY DO IT AT THE AIRPORT! I wanted to save time for the person waiting for me, and since he didn't speak English, he didn't understand that I wanted to go and buy this. We stopped on the way, but ... I couldn't find my happiness. Not a drama in itself, but it made me lose even more bearings. Finally, an interesting experience (cf. my need for organization, that things go as I planned, and also on the link that is necessary for me with my close family).

My assets

Patience, humility, tolerance, ecology, respect, openness, consciousness. ... And want to start again!

The mission Turtles, Thailand

sea ​​turtles, Thailand
This eco-volunteering mission is dedicated mainly to marine turtles in Thailand, as well as to the conservation of local biodiversity. You will participate in the program of ...
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