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Become a CybellePlanete Volunteer

Become a volunteer with Cybelle Planète!

Because protecting biodiversity is everyone's business, help us in our daily actions. Our small team is sorely lacking in time to carry out all the actions that are important to it. We call on all those who would like to get involved and offer some of their free time to the association.

Depending on your particular skills, your desires, your availabilities, you can choose your preferred domain (s):

Note: You can also contact us spontaneously without necessarily responding to a particular offer. (By choosing the subject of the message: "volunteering and partnership")

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LOGO green Benevole terrain Volunteer GREEN = Volunteer FIELD

LOGO Benevole rose office Volunteer ROSE = Volunteer OFFICE

LOGO Benevole bleu coguides Bénévole Bleu = Ecoguide aboard our sea shipments

LOGO Benevole jaune ambassadeurs Yellow Volunteer = Volunteer AMBASSADOR

LOGO green Benevole terrain

Of a dynamic nature, volunteer LAND is generally present outside our premises. For example, its action can take place on a stand during a trade fair in the street in order to distribute flyers or carry out surveys etc. The field volunteer plays an indispensable role because it allows Cybelle Planète to deploy its forces to make its actions for biodiversity known to as many people as possible.

When volunteers want to participate in one of our actions, they can become member (optional).

LOGO Benevole rose office

For any person wishing to help us from his home and / or on our premises, the volunteer OFFICE may be brought to provide an administrative, communication or web help ... Different actions are possible according to the desires and skills. Some examples of actions: updating of listing, postage, folding-collages, video editing, graphics etc ...

When volunteers want to participate in one of our actions, they can become member (optional).

LOGO Benevole bleu coguides

Ecoguide Volunteer: Each year, the association Cybelle Planète is looking for eco-guides for cetacean research expeditions in the Mediterranean Sea.

Volunteer eco-guides supervise shipments, both logistically and on board, as well as the supervision of the collection of expert data on marine fauna. A training of two days is dispensed to them by Cybele planet. membership required.

LOGO Benevole jaune ambassadeurs

Whether he is an employee or simply has a good professional or personal network, the volunteer Ambassador can help us to make known to companies, public institutions ... (eco-solidarity holidays In the enterprises)

When volunteers want to participate in one of our actions, they can become member (optional).

=> General conditions of participation for volunteers

These general conditions apply to the volunteers of the association Cybelle Planète, engaged in one of the 4 specific actions: Ground (Green), Office (Rose), Ecoguide (Blue), Ambassador (Yellow). Volunteers must read and accept these before engaging with us.

Minimum age required:
Volunteers must have at least 18 years.
For minors they will be able to volunteer on our side, on certain actions, and under the responsibility of a parent or a responsible adult (a release of responsibility must be signed).

Respect, values ​​and limits:
Cybelle Planète is a not-for-profit association, our actions are developed with respect to participation, equity, and solidarity. Anyone wishing to help the association should do so in a way that respects the ethics and values ​​we carry. Volunteers are ambassadors of the association and are its moral representatives. In case of disagreement or conflict, Cybelle Planète may terminate its collaboration with the volunteer without notice. If the volunteer wishes to withdraw from a voluntary work in progress, the volunteer must nevertheless inform the permanent team of Cybelle Planète so that it can quickly make arrangements to carry out the action in progress.

Volunteering and Accountability:
The volunteer is supervised by an employee of the association and acts under the moral responsibility of the latter. He will in no case be decision-maker regarding the actions carried out by Cybelle Planète.
Responsibility: The volunteer is responsible for any damage caused to himself or to a third party, if he is at fault or due to his imprudence. In addition, the volunteer is criminally liable if he or she is the perpetrator of an offense against natural or legal persons.

Membership in Cybelle Planète is optional, except for eco-friendly volunteers for whom it is still mandatory. Volunteers can, if they wish, subscribe to a "support" or "program" membership: learn more about memberships.

The Cybelle planète association is covered by an insurance contract with the MAIF (Contract No 3100988H). By joining the association, the volunteer subscribes automatically to an insurance that covers him only during his participation in the activities related to the voluntary action within the offices of the association or outside, regardless of its duration . Membership automatically entitles you to an insurance policy including, in particular, civil liability and assumption of responsibility for personal injuries (if the incident is caused or attributable to Cybelle Planète).
Membership is not compulsory: If the volunteer does not wish to join, Cybelle Planète will be relieved of all responsibility in the event of personal injury or material damage or a criminal problem arising in the context of a voluntary activity for the association .