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Become a partner

Cybelle Planète works with many partners, thanks to them we can continue to commit to the preservation of biodiversity by multiplying experiences and skills. Our activity is primarily focused on PARTICIPATIVE.

  • financial partners,
  • scientific partners,
  • technical partners,
  • Eco-volunteering project partners,
  • Partners leave eco-solidarity.

We remain open to any partnership proposal!

Eco-volunteering partners

Cybelle Planète is interested in field projects, regardless of the destination or duration of participation of ecovolunteers. Cybelle Planète offers various themes of eco-volunteering missions: research, management of natural areas and wild fauna / flora, wildlife sanctuaries, reintroduction programs, enhancement of wild natural heritage (eco-development) ... Cybelle Planète does not work on themes such as the WOOFING, or private projects unrelated to a research program or conservation of fauna or flora (example: eco-construction project, maintenance of private land ...).
Hospitality projects can be open all year round or take place during a specific period, depending on the needs related to the work theme.
We accompany ecovolunteers in setting up their mission, from intelligence gathering to their departure to the mission. Our partners take care of the reception and the supervision of the ecovolunteers on the spot.
It is not necessary to have a luxurious reception structure. Eco-volunteering missions are not "classic" holidays, but rather an opportunity for ecovolunteers to work with you. The reception conditions are often simple and modest, for example, a biological field station, a rented local house, aboard a research vessel, or a camp ...
Eco-volunteering projects provide our partners with human and material support that will allow them to survive. Eco-volunteers come to help them in the field, they provide motivated and enthusiastic help. The works in which they participate can be of different natures according to the needs, they are totally integrated in the project. Depending on the accommodation conditions ecovolunteers can also participate in household chores and the preparation of meals.
As needed, in addition to funding housing and food, the donation of ecovolunteers supports the necessary resources to monitor the project (equipment rental, remuneration of a guide, ...).
Ecovolunteers are people motivated and concerned by environmental issues. No special skills are required to participate in projects. Special conditions of participation may be agreed with the project if necessary.
Some ecovolunteers may participate in a mission as part of an agreed study period, the host project may propose specific participation conditions for them.

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How to propose a project?

The study and validation of a new project can be very long. Cybelle Planète has determined a complete evaluation grid and asks each new project to provide a complete file detailing, among other things, information based on social, economic and ecological criteria, as well as criteria specific to the eco-volunteering mission.
We recommend, before anything else, to contact us and send us a document of one or two pages maximum describing your project. This document will allow us to judge the feasibility of a partnership.