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VSC Panorama WhaleCivic Service: "Cetacean Monitoring and Participatory Science at Sea" M / F

Recruitment context and job description:

Cybelle Méditerranée is a participatory science program at sea, created by the association in 2007, which aims to improve knowledge on marine marine fauna (cetaceans, rays and sharks, turtles ...).

  • A community of more than 1500 volunteer observers (boaters, professionals of the sea, etc ...) reports us their observations at sea.
  • Expeditions in the Pelagos Sanctuary organized each year between June and September allow volunteers to participate in the collection of data at sea following a scientific protocol, and under the supervision of a / ecoguide, aboard a sailboat.

Cybelle Planète is in charge of animating and developing the network of contributors, training the eco-guides, organizing sailboat expeditions, validating the data and organizing photo-identification catalogs of cetaceans, and performing assessments.

The association also administers a network for sharing and collecting data in the Mediterranean Sea: OBSenMER Mediterranean. 18 structures contribute to the network currently and share their data in a common database.

Panorama VSC adObjectives of the project, the action:

As part of the participatory science program, our main goals for 2019 are:

  • To develop the network of contributors: boaters, professionals of the sea, nautical association ... who go out to sea frequently and announce us their observations. Our goal is to collect more and more data: information about animals and their environment.
  • Regularly animate the network already in place to retain the contributors and motivate them to collect data at sea: validation of data, holding booths on nautical or naturalistic events, conferences, meetings on ports ...
  • Organize sailing expeditions 2019: training of eco-guides, general organization of 3 months of sea outing, ...
  • Review the information collected by contributors and updates of cetacean photo-identification catalogs. We hope to publish the first reports by the end 2019.
  • Continue the animation of the OBSenMER Mediterranean network so that a maximum of structures use the tools for the collection of data at sea and their sharing.

Further information :

Where: Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone (34 - Herault - Languedoc-Roussilon),

When: Starting the 14 January 2019 (8 month, 30h / week),

How many positions are available: 1,

End of application: 31 / 12 / 2018,

The mission is accessible to minors from 16 years: No.

Application (CV and cover letter) to be sent to Mrs Arnal, Director of the association Cybelle Planète, at the following e-mail address: This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Online offer on the civic service website.