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Ecovolunteering in Sierra Leone

Ecovolunteering in Sierra Leone

Country little tourist, Sierra Leone is a favorite destination for flora and fauna lovers. While the terrain alternates between plateaus and mountains, vegetation ranges from arid lands to tropical forests. The entire western part of the country is made up of coastal plains that go all the way to the sea. The Freetown Peninsula is an exception as it is composed of mountains. Mount Bintumani, located to the northeast in the Loma mountain range, is the highest peak in West Africa. It peaks at 1945 meters. The tropical forests of the region are still intact.
There is a total of 402 km of coastline. Sierra Leone has some of the most beautiful beaches on the West African coast. The beaches are mainly concentrated in the Freetown region.

Sierra Leone is home to many parks and reserves. Sierra Leone is also a dream destination for birdwatchers with more than 120 bird species. You will be able to see weavers, nesting birds, vultures, eagles and hornbills, with doubled beaks. To the north, the Outamba and Kilimi Reserves consist of hills, green plains and forests. You will see many animals, including monkeys, hippos, elephants and buffaloes. The Loma Moutains Forest Reserve is a dense forest with gigantic trees, located around Mount Bintunami. You can see chimpanzees. The months of April, May, October and November are the most favorable for the expedition.

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Sanctuary of Chimpanzees in Sierra Leone

This shrine in Sierra Leone is dedicated to saving chimpanzees. The volunteers participate in the daily activities of the project: ...

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