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You participate in the Cetacean Mission in the Pelagos Sanctuaryyou can also buy a Mission T-Shirt.

For your participation in an eco-volunteering mission, Cybelle Planète offers you an ECOVOLONTAIRE T-shirt.

Adapted to all missions, this T-shirt will allow you to proudly display your commitment. This is the essential of your travel bag, comfortable to wear, practical and discreet, you can use it both in the field and your return.

The design of the t-shirt was realized and thought internally with the whole team of the association. The challenge was that it was both aesthetic and representative of our commitment to biodiversity. The logo represents the planet as we would like it to be, where the Human finds its place perfectly within the nature of which it is an integral part.

A utopia ? Not if we give ourselves the means to act. Becoming ECOVOLONTAIRE you participate in this movement so display proudly your commitment by wearing this T-shirt !

Practical questions:

Ecovoluntary T-shirt F

Ecovoluntary T-shirt M

Get your tee shirt

Each * participation in an eco-volunteering mission with Cybelle Planète entitles you to a free ECOLONTAIRE T-shirt!

* For any registration from the 17 January 2018

When completing your registration formyou will need to give us the following information: model choice (Male or Female), size and if you wish to order additional T-shirts.

Your shirt will be sent to you after your registration has been confirmed by the project, within a period of 15 working days. Learn more about how to sign up for a mission

Attention, no resumption or exchange then carefully consult the size guide below to avoid any inconvenience.

>> download the description and size guide

Why wear the ECOVOLONTAIRE t-shirt?

> First of all because it is both pleasant to wear and aesthetic !

> It is also a great way for you topost your commitment as a Volunteer,

> After your mission, you will become the best ambassadors for Cybelle Planet and eco-volunteering, because nothing is better than a field experience! This t-shirt will be the visible symbol of your experience as an ecovolunteer,

> During your mission, we are counting on you to take pictures of you wearing the t-shirt and in the midst of ecovolunteer action! This is our best testimony!

Send us your pictures when you return from your mission on the testimonial form or by e-mail.

Size guide, model, color, material etc ...

>> download the description and size guide

Special cases

Order additional t-shirts

When you register for a mission, you have the option to order several T-shirts. The price of each additional T-shirt is 25 € shipping included.

It is also possible to order additional T-shirts on your return from the mission, for that Contact us !

Last minute registrations

For last-minute registrations, see directly with the ecovolunteer service who will do everything possible to send you a tee-shirt on time.

Terms & conditions

>> Download the General Conditions of Participation to a Mission