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Order your T-Shirt MISSION CETACES!

Every Ecovolunteer Cybelle Planet receives its free Ecovolunteer T-shirt. The Cetacean Mission in the Pelagos Sanctuary is 100% Cybelle Planet, and hosts a 100aine ecovolunteers a year! That is why we have specially created t-shirts dedicated to the CETACES MISSION that we offer for sale to ecovolunteers (15 €, excluding postage).

notes : The purchase of a MISSION T-shirt CETACES is a + and will not replace the ecovolunteer T-shirt that you receive at your insciption.

Get your tee shirt

15 € / T-shirt (+ shipping),

To order :

  1. Send us your order by email: contact us (by selecting object: Cybelle Méditerranée and participatory sciences).
  2. Specify if you want to receive the T-shirt by mail (specify your address), or directly in our premises.
  3. We will send you a quote and payment information by email.
  4. Once the payment is received, your tee shirt will be sent to you, within a period of 15 working days.

Attention, no resumption or exchange then carefully consult the size guide below to avoid any inconvenience.

The models

Missioncetace debosseur F

Missioncetace T T-Shirt

Missioncetace M Tee Shirt

Missioncetace M1 T-Shirt

OBSenMER mixed shirt

Missioncetace E T-Shirt

Size guide, model, color, material etc ...

Download the description and size guide

Terms & conditions

Download the General Conditions of Participation to a Mission